2023 Black Dog Portfolio Companies, Clients, and Partners

We were blessed to work with these amazing companies to 2023. If you would like additional information on any of the companies below, please let me know. – Scott

Capital Engine

Capital Engine® is on a mission to transform the $2.5 trillion exempt private capital markets infrastructure (CMI) and subsequent secondaries trading landscape, creating an organized market for private capital, digital assets and other exempt securities.

Capital Engine’s proprietary software solutions enable online capital raising and investor management for private companies, investment firms, real estate funds, brokers, and advisors in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and South Africa.

Our Investment Marketplace hosts online capital raising campaigns for one-off issuers, under all the private exempt regulations, and our tech-enabled private placement agent and full-service broker dealer, Mallory Capital Group has raised $10B of capital from institutional sources. capitalengine.io


OPEN is a fund management company backed by the New York Stock Exchange. They’ve built a best-in-class data, indexing, and sourcing platform to enable the launch of index-based investment strategies into some of the sought-after companies in private markets. The first product launched off this platform is the OPEN Unicorn Index Fund. The fund tracks an index of the 50 largest US Unicorns (SpaceX, Stripe, etc.) and will be constructed with direct holdings as opposed to synthetically, providing a diversified, low-fee basket of some of the most innovative private companies to the benefit of their investors. openvc.com

Skope, Inc.

Stethoscopes are the most used medical device in the world, yet the vast majority are contaminated with dangerous organisms, and they can spread disease from patient to patient. All major healthcare agencies (including the CDC) recommend that stethoscopes be disinfected after every use yet today only 4% are. The Skope Station is a point-of-care, wall-mounted device which uses a disposable internal cartridge with a gold-standard, EPA-approved, disinfectant to eradicate all infectious organisms on a stethoscope (inc. Covid-19, bacterial spores and MRSA). It does this quickly and economically, with only a single swipe, thereby avoiding disruption of caregiver workflow. skope-inc.com


microNeb, Inc., stands at the intersection of bio-tech and pharmaceutical innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions in medication formulation and delivery for over  80 commonly prescribed medications. Committed to saving lives in critical scenarios, our patented device like The Halo NebRSQ Device redefines emergency care with immediate, precise responses. From military applications with the Vigil device to industry revolutions in recreational cannabis and nutraceuticals, we bridge <3 microns of active ingredient concentrations with proprietary biosimilar formulations. Actively fundraising and exploring partnerships with industry giants, microNeb envisions a future where the majority of medications taken today are delivered through our transformative technology, shaping a healthier and brighter tomorrow. microneb.com

Exploris Health

Exploris Health is a pioneer in AI-based diagnostics, enabling better outcomes for patients at lower costs. In collaboration with leading university hospitals we have developed our first product, the Cardio Explorer, which detects the actual risk of heart attacks with comparable accuracy of a CT or MRI, but at much lower costs and efforts for patients and medical doctors. Our Software as a Service based algorithm has been clinically validated in over 4’500 patients. Furthermore, we have a pipeline of AI-based products for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Heart Failure, which will revolutionize risk stratification and treatments for individuals worldwide. explorishealth.com

US Precision Medicine

U.S. Precision Medicine, Inc. is a biotech that identifies and validates highly promising patented cancer drugs from academic research institutions, with the objective of licensing them to pharmaceutical companies. The company has an exclusive option/licensing agreement from the University of Florida for DH20931 to treat 5 types of cancers: triple-negative breast, colorectal, prostate, uterine and ovarian. Research shows DH20931 effectively kills cancer cells in solid tumors and in combination with doxorubicin for treatment for metastatic chemotherapy. It exceeds the gold standard in drug development, “Lipinski’s Rule of 5,” which enhances the therapeutics probability of reaching the market. USPrecisionMedicine.com

Noted Media

Noted is a mobile application designed for creatives that addresses and provides solutions for the top issues in the creation space, finding a target audience, monetization and time management. notedmediagroup.com

24-7 Labs

247Labkit is an At-Home STD Testing Kit that provides prospective customers with the privacy and ability to test themselves for STDs, Drugs, Alcohol and much more from the comfort of their own homes. The 247Labkit can be purchased on our website or through the ecommerce Amazon platform. Prospective customers will receive a discreetly packaged kit. Each kit comes with instructions and direct contact information to our private customer service agents for any questions or concerns. Sample testing will be conducted through our partnered labs and results can be conveniently sent via email, phone or through our patient portal. 24-7labs.com

Game Gym

Founded in 2018, Game Gym Inc is the leading esports training and broadcast center in the DC metro area. Game Gym was started to provide healthy and holistic video game training through a mobile training app, leagues and tournaments, certified coaches, and customized programs for K-12 school systems. Game Gym provides kids, parents, and gamers of all ages with the information and structure to better understand and maximize their participation in casual and competitive esports, like a martial arts dojo or an AAU basketball team. gamegym.com

Spot Fitness

Spot is an active lifestyle generator, providing users with a personalized list of places to get active that match their interests and locations. Our vision to keep building so that we can complement that with personalized recommendations for fitness events and activities near you and even the right partners to see those through. We use machine learning to optimize adherence, empowering people to build and sustain an active and healthier lifestyle. SpotFitness.app

Travel Industry

Travel Industry Solutions (TIS) is the world’s first B2B SaaS platform for travel sellers, revolutionizing the industry. Our solutions tackle pressing global challenges amplified by COVID-19, delivering up to 90% cost and time savings for customers. Sellers can effortlessly ensure compliance with our industry-tailored, warrantied legal documents through recurring memberships. We provide back-office tools, training, and ongoing education to address common global problems. Our software enables seamless agreement creation and automation, compliant e-signatures, secure payments, and touchless updates. TIS is the trusted ally for major travel industry organizations, safeguarding their members, businesses and spearheading a risk management revolution. travelindustrysolutions.com

Simple Solvents

At Simple Solvents, we empower the botanical extraction industry with quality solvent supply and educational support. Utilizing our proprietary filtration technology, we ensure the consistency of our ethanol across the USA without limiting production to a single location. By listening to our customers and incorporating their valuable feedback, we have built a business that caters to their unique needs. Our goal is to see the industry thrive as we contribute to creating safe and effective medicine. While we primarily serve the hemp and cannabis industries, our high-quality solvents are also suitable for pharmaceuticals, skincare, cosmetics, and other diverse applications. simplesolvents.com

Medwatch Technologies

MedWatch Technologies is developing a fully non-invasive glucose monitoring watch and accompanying health management platform. We expect to obtain FDA Certification within the next 15 months. This represents a unique and exciting new solution for managing blood glucose levels. Current glucose monitoring solutions either use lancets with test strips or patches with sub-cutaneous needles. Both methods are expensive and inconvenient. Our device represents a significant advancement over current technologies. We have a clear operational model with conservative projected milestones. Our IP will position us to secure a significant market share and a multi–X ROI.  Medwatchtech.com


TouchBrick drives Web3 development at scale, in minutes. Alongside an AI copilot business can effortlessly launch any dApp, innovate, and focus on core competencies, all without the burden of blockchain infrastructure, complexities, or custom software development. touchbrick.com


ProspectIQ.ai has developed the first AI powered platform that tells sales professionals which of their best prospects to call and when so they pick up the phone 100% of the time. A version of the system was used at ExactEra.com and drove this Insight Venture backed company to be the fastest growing fintech ever. After raising over $200m and reaching unicorn status, the management team was spun off to bring this technology to the broader market.  The Company has achieved product market fit and expects to book 25M in ARR in its first year of operations. Donald Scherer, the former CEO of ExactEra and the author of the best-selling book Assembly Required, is the CEO of ProspectIQ.ai.  Before ExactEra, Donald consulted with Greenhouse.io, CB Insights and Spring Health, all which became Unicorns.  Prior to that, Donald and his team founded and ran CrossBorder Solutions which was sold to Thomson Reuters for 80M. prospectiq.ai

Bronze Legion

Founded in 2022 in North Fort Myers, Florida, Bronze Legion Studios is a passionate video game studio on a mission to create complex yet approachable games. Led by co-founders Matthew Streater and Arthur Bobrek, we specialize in AI-generated text adventures, mobile gambling, and turn-based strategy games. Our signature offerings include “The Potion AI,” geared towards a niche in the Dungeons & Dragons community, and “Greed,” a unique player-vs-player mobile/crypto gambling game. We’re a talented team with backgrounds ranging from game design to business leadership. We’re currently transitioning to a C-Corp, with aims to deliver immersive, player-centric experiences globally. bronzelegion.com


Eyedaptic is pioneering the use of Augmented Reality (AR), powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to address the large unmet eye care need of Retinal Diseases, such as Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, afflicting over 200 million people worldwide.  Through clinical studies, Eyedaptic’s effectiveness has been demonstrated, leading to strong user adoption and traction, as evidenced by 40% Q-Q revenue growth.  These ultralight smart glasses adapt not only to the user’s visual deficit but also their habits and environment, thereby empowering users to maintain their independence and quality of life across the widest range of tasks. eyedaptic.com

Parasol Labs

Parasol Laboratories Incorporated is a pioneering biotechnology company committed to addressing unmet needs in underserved communities. Our aim is to innovate and inspire change across the biotech landscape, transcending traditional boundaries. Our flagship product, codename STRL, embodies this vision. It’s a state-of-the-art cold pasteurization machine that revolutionizes breastmilk storage by extending its shelf life and preserving its complete nutritional and immunological profile. This addresses a critical gap in infant nutrition, significantly reduces the risk of bacterial and viral contamination, and provides substantial cost savings for parents. Currently, STRL is in the R&D phase as we strive to perfect our revolutionary technology. Our company ethos is rooted in innovation, inclusivity, and impact, making us a dynamic force to be reckoned with in the biotech industry. parasollabs.org


ShopRaise is pioneering the “Shopping with Purpose” revolution, by combining the act of shopping with the act of giving. The ShopRaise partnership platform monetizes the everyday shopping experience by turning affiliate commissions and gift card sales into charitable donations. ShopRaise is a simple, easy, and free way for causes to raise more funds, retailers to sell more products and supporters to help their favorite cause, all at the click of a button! ShopRaise.com

Zhongyi DongFang (Beijing) Education Investment Co., Ltd.

Zhongyi DongFang (Beijing) Education Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Its brand “You Course” is a global live streaming online education platform. Here, you can watch live classes from around the world , and easily find authentic textbooks for various languages and disciplines, as well as rich and colorful professional courses and professional teachers from around the world, to start your learning journey! globallanguageclass.com

Life Pack Organics

Life Pack Organics is a revolutionary provider of alternative solutions for health and wellness. With more than 36% of American households seeking alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical products, our company has emerged as a trusted leader in this rapidly growing market ($97.22B). Our commitment to natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients sets us apart from Big Pharma, offering consumers a healthier and more holistic approach to their well-being. From plant-based supplements to herbal topicals, we strive to deliver innovative products that promote vitality, clarity, and balance. Embrace a healthier, more natural approach to healthcare with Life Pack Organics. lifepackorganics.com

YÜJ Granola

Elevating Snacking Experiences! YÜJ granola is not any granola! We are a granola with a purpose. We redefine snacking by offering granola like no other, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and low glycemic, that nourishes the body and the soul. Our unique blend of wholesome notes, seeds and low glycemic sweetness creates an explosion of flavor in every bite giving you an experience of feeling “ENLIGHTENED”. We provide products for our moms-on the go, health enthusiasts basically anyone that is looking for a nutritious snack that the entire family regardless of their dietary needs can actually enjoy. Elevate your snacking experience without sacrificing your taste, your needs and your teeth. yujgranola.shop

Podetize (Brandcasters, Inc.)

Podetize is smarter marketing, production, syndication, and monetization for podcasts & videocasts. The Podetize® platform empowers ALL podcasters to host, grow, and monetize their show by creating a win-win-win ecosystem for podcast monetization.

Our proprietary patent pending SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), CaaS (Creative) and MaaS (Marketing) technologies help:

  • Podcasters be seen, heard, found, and monetized
  • Advertising brands yield a higher conversion rate ROI
  • Listeners earn by doing what they want to do: listen & consume.

As Podetize® grows through increasing and activating more profitable podcasters, the marketplace becomes more vibrant—encouraging brand advertisers, attracting podcasters, and drawing in listeners and consumers. podetize.com

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