Acquiring B2B SaaS Companies

We represent a large SaaS company looking to grow through acquisition.


  • B2B Software: Expertise in B2B software, not consumer
  • $5-50m Revenue Sweet Spot: Have bought smaller, can buy larger
  • Broad Appetite: We are interested in all types of B2B software (SaaS/onprem, horizontal/vertical, apps/app dev/platform, divestitures, worldwide…), with extra excitement for the telecom industry and SMB sector.
  • Unique Focus: We are the most aggressive acquirer in the world for low/no growth, low-earning/money-losing B2B companies.
  • Special Situations are OK: Hairy situations and stalled growth don’t bother us, even bankruptcies and distressed recapitalizations.


  • Speed: 3 days to an offer, 10 days to LOI, and closings 35-45 days thereafter
  • Certainty: Historic 98% LOI close rate
  • Streamlined: Efficient in-house diligence processes with “nothing to hide” (we will share our diligence findings with the seller).
  • Seller-friendly: All cash at close (no holdbacks, earn outs, or escrows) with seller-friendly transaction terms and no employee lock-ups

What we do: Buy, strengthen, and run B2B software companies

Experienced Buyers: Completed >150 acquisitions in the past 10 years

Available Capital: Seeking to deploy $500 million in 2022

Contact: | (480) 206-3435

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