Black Dog Portfolio Updates

Game Gym Traction Update:

* $100K from new investors in the past two weeks, bringing the total to $420K cash in the bank. Actively working a robust pipeline of additional investors.

* V1 of our esports training and education app is on schedule to be completed at the end of March – beta testing with current customers to start immediately after that.

* Summer camps represent a critical growing and recurring revenue stream for us, and for summer 2022, we have locked in capacity for 1,300 camper weeks at six different locations. This represents $1M in potential revenue.

Game Gym is an esports training center that offers a healthy and holistic approach to video games, with live and online structured sessions and professional, certified coaches designed to help children and teenagers game better and smarter. Game Gym also owns and operates the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference, a collegiate esports league with 16 colleges and universities in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Game Gym is closing their $1 million round

Braincat Traction Update:

* Braincat in Universities: Braincat is launching pilot programs with professors and students in Grand Canyon University and the University of Tampa.

* Braincat launches Flashcards: This new output from the Braincat process automatically produces flashcards for memorization, to support students and course attendees.

* Braincat initiates AI study: Braincat is actively testing its proprietary BrainAssistTM AI engine for instant organization of random input.

Braincat is a feature-rich SaaS tool to capture, organize and share ideas. It provides the fastest route from unstructured input to structured output.

Braincat’s patent-pending process, “reverse mind-mapping,” quickly simplifies large volumes of random information to produce an outline, mind map, spreadsheet, and flashcards.

Early Braincat subscribers include students, teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and executives. Our current focus is education, developing strategic partnerships with schools and colleges.

Braincat is closing their $500K round

Trubify Traction Update:

* $1MM in franchise revenues in Q1:22; $2.5MM more anticipated in Q2:22.

* User base exploded from 15k to 35k users since Jan 1, 2022.

* Paid CAC is 15% below projections while ARPU is 300% above projections.

Trubify, a dual-impact live music streaming platform, supports independent artists while maximizing performance and significant investment returns in a $30B market. The app’s features focus on fan engagement to generate revenue across the platform, while automating all licenses and royalty payments. The company has significant momentum and is experiencing exponential growth.

Trubify just opened a $12 million Series A Round.

Joule Case Traction Update

* Founder, Alex Livingston was featured guest on Capital Connect. Alex lines out the vision and provides an update.

* Joule Case was issued a new patent. Patent 11,251,649 for our modular ESS large scale system.

* Joule Case just surpassed $800K in funding on WeFunder.

Joule Case designs and manufactures patented battery systems designed to be the standard oil of the green revolution. Joule Case battery systems have powered everything from a small tailgate, food truck, and even entire music festivals.

If you are interested in any of the above companies, please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Scott Kelly, CEO
Black Dog Venture Partners

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