Introducing Black Dog NFT

Black Dog NFT is a full-service agency dedicated to helping artists, musicians, athletes, and corporate brands maximize their fan/audience impact through NFT technology.

Our team is composed of blockchain and NFT technology advisors, visual artists, and developers all dedicated to providing a white-glove experience to any NFT project. From strategy to sales, to artwork, managing private keys, royalty standards, smart contracts, token attributes, and more — Black Dog NFT has you covered for all things NFTs.

Capabilities & Services:

  • Project ideation, visual storyboard, and concept
  • NFT Media creation: We want your NFT project to stand out from all the rest which is why we help source the best of the best creatives for physical and digital art creation, 3D projects, Photography, Music, Video, and augmented reality
  • NFT technology consultation: We know the tech inside & out, meaning there is a lot more room for us to get super creative around your NFT goals
  • NFT smart contract setup, unlockables, metadata
  • Minting on Polygon, Ethereum & Solana networks
  • Creation & hosting of white-labeled NFT storefront
  • Posting to additional marketplaces (as needed)
  • Digital Wallet and Private Key setup & management
  • NFT Sales management & Marketing
  • NFT Airdropping to specific token holders
  • Marketplace Customer Support

Client Responsibilities

  • Provide brand assets and guidelines (if applicable)
  • Help formulate project goals
  • Provide direction on your main/target audience
  • Special assets to include in unlockables
  • Hi-Res images of memorabilia or arrange for us to take photos (if applicable)


  • Project ideation and full scope gathering: 1-2 weeks
  • Art Creation: 4-6 weeks

Branded Marketplace Setup + Minting: 1-2 weeks

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