Current Portfolio Companies

Below are our active portfolio companies:

Fortress Blockchain Technologies – Fortress Blockchain Technologies is a software development firm and holding company that is purpose-built to create financial, regulatory and technology infrastructure for the rapidly emerging Web3 space. Fortress Trust Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortress Blockchain Technologies and is a full-retail Nevada-chartered financial institution. Learn more at

Game Gym – Founded in 2018, Game Gym Inc is the leading esports training and broadcast center in the DC metro area. Game Gym was created to make video games a more positive and collaborative experience by providing structure through curriculum, coaching, and parental support. Game Gym provides kids, parents, and gamers of all ages with the information and structure to better understand and maximize their participation in casual and competitive esports, like a martial arts dojo or an AAU basketball team. Learn more at

Podetize – Podetize is a women-led, women-owned, one-stop-shop for existing and aspiring podcasters who want to actually make money with the business or network associated with their show. Our integral Creative and MarTech Services complement our Software-As-A-Service core technology to allow our clients to do what they do best: create and connect. Learn more at

Make Music Count – Make Music Count is a patented math curriculum and app taught through playing popular songs on the piano. In our lessons 2nd – 12th grade students solve real math equations where the answers are musical notes to play the piano. We are a freemium subscription app, supplemental resource for math and music classes, and a tutoring platform for teachers and college students to earn money teaching Make Music Count lessons online. Learn more at

Medwatch Technologies – MedWatch’s solution is the first non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device that is easy and convenient to use. It is inexpensive, involves no lancets or sub-cutaneous needles. It communicates through a cloud-based platform providing the patient and their medical providers continuous feedback of glucose values. The immediate impact of dietary choices on glucose levels will be observed, which will guide users to modify their eating habits. They can also see the impact of exercise and other changes in behavior. This feedback will improve the long-term health of diabetic patients, translating into a better, less painful, life for the diabetic. It will also translate into significant savings in the long-term costs of treating diabetes patients. Learn more at

Braincat – Braincat is a web-based software tool for brainstorming, writing, learning, and creative collaboration. The Braincat “reverse mind-mapping” process quickly reduces a mass of disorganized ideas and information to a few key essentials. This frees the mind from cognitive overload and leads to mental mastery of the material. The result is better thinking, learning, collaboration, and creativity. Braincat is intuitively designed and easy to use, with many optional features to accelerate productivity. This new software tool is ideal for writers, educators, consultants, executives, marketers, and more. Learn more at

Panther Quant – Panther Quant is a revolutionary Algo-Trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to use A.I. based Sentiment Analysis of the live Crypto Market that will provide actionable insights around crypto markets. This helps users craft top-notch and high profit grossing trading strategies. They have the option to stress-test these strategies within a live market (or dry run it). Learn more at

VersusgameVersusGame is a global entertainment mobile gaming product that allows users to put their knowledge of mainstream culture to good use. Thousands of creators and brands, not to mention countless everyday people, have used the platform to drive excitement with an interactive audience actively participating because VersusGames gives them value for their time. VersusGame gives creators and brands the platform to promote interactive content to millions of people at once while giving them the chance to play games in 1v1 pairs and gain cash and prizes when they win. VersusGame is the number one prediction platform in the world and is played via the VersusGame app, mobile website, Snapchat and Instagram. Learn more at

If you are interested in learning more about any of the companies above, contact Scott Kelly via email

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