Braincat Launches The First Reverse Mind-Mapping Tool, Quickly Gets You From Chaos To Clarity

Company Retains Black Dog Venture Partners for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Contact: Scott Kelly,, 480-206-3435

Phoenix, AZJuly 21, 2021 — Braincat announced the launch of their software tool that makes the complex simple for better thinking, writing, and learning. The company also announced that it has retained Black Dog Venture Partners (BDVP) for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Scott Kelly, BDVP’s CEO has become an advisor to the company.

Braincat is a web-based software tool for brainstorming, writing, learning, and creative collaboration. The Braincat “reverse mind-mapping” process quickly reduces a mass of disorganized ideas and information to a few key essentials. This frees the mind from cognitive overload and leads to mental mastery of the material. The result is better thinking, learning, collaboration, and creativity. Braincat is intuitively designed and easy to use, with many optional features to accelerate productivity. This new software tool is ideal for writers, educators, consultants, executives, marketers, and more.

Braincat is the simplest, clearest solution for:

  • Personal and group brainstorming
  • Note-taking in meetings
  • Planning articles, speeches, books
  • Doing research
  • Building strategies
  • Decision-making
  • Studying books, websites, articles etc.
  • Preparing lessons and courses
  • Designing new creations
  • Solving complex problems
  • Exploring personal challenges…and more!

Jon Ward, CEO of Braincat commented on the launch: “As a business writer and consultant, I am constantly inundated by ideas and information from my clients. I created Braincat for my own use, and when I saw how radically my performance improved, I felt compelled to share it with others.” 

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