BRAINCAT, a new web-based thinking tool, focuses on helping students and teachers


Tempe, AZ / 12-14-21. BRAINCAT is a new web-based application for thinking, learning, writing and creative collaboration. The company is focusing on the education market because of the tool’s unique value for students and teachers.

BRAINCAT reduces mental stress by simplifying complex material. It quickly takes the user from unstructured input to structured output. And it condenses large volumes of information to the essentials, so there is less information cluttering the user’s mind.

BRAINCAT founder and CEO Jon Ward commented:

“Braincat is more than a piece of software. It’s a powerful mental process. We call this process reverse mind-mapping. Here’s why: In conventional mind-mapping, you begin with the key ideas and expand to all the details. With Braincat, you start with an avalanche of disorganized detail and find your way to the key ideas. More like the real world!”

This process is especially valuable for education. Students are often overwhelmed by the amount of new information they have to understand, write about, and recall. BRAINCAT provides a way to reduce students’ mental stress and expand their thinking. The process has the effect of both clarifying new information and making it memorable.

Apart from the core process, BRAINCAT includes specific tools that help students:

  • Outline: Braincat automatically produces an outline that makes writing easier to manage.
  • Discover: This tool in Braincat presents questions to stimulate thought — and students can create their own question sets.
  • TextBreakerTM: Braincat breaks documents into phrases which can be organized as notes.
  • Flashcards: The software automatically generates flashcards from the Braincat process to aid memorization.
  • Teams: Students can share a single Braincat project with other team members.

For teachers and professors, BRAINCAT provides an easy way to construct a course. Educators often carry a large amount of subject-matter knowledge and face the challenge of turning all that know-how into teachable material. The BRAINCAT process invites the user to enter everything they know, just as they think of it, and then quickly produce a structured plan.

Meanwhile, BRAINCAT is working with educational institutions to track and measure the benefits that students gain from the BRAINCAT process.

Jon Ward continued, “In partnership with educators, we have the opportunity to help students manage a massively growing burden of digital information. A mind that’s free of stress is able to remember more successfully and think more creatively. We welcome conversations with teachers and administrators on developing customized programs for your high school or college.”

A FREE 30-day trial for students and teachers is available at

Contact information:

Scott Kelly for Braincat


PHONE: 480-206-3435



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