Black Dog Venture Partners is excited to announce a partnership with Otto to help you drive increased sales. Through our partnership, we offer preferred pricing and additional perks.

Otto is your solution for automated personalized outreach, the technology automates 97% of a sales rep’s outbound activities at a fraction of the cost. Otto finds points of mutual interest between senders and receivers of cold outreach, increasing response rates 2-4x over generic messages.

How does Otto reach out to people:

  • Email
  • Linkedin messages/connections
  • Voicemail drops

If you are interested in working with Otto:
— Schedule an initial conversation by selecting a time at this linkĀ 
— Fill out the survey in the Calendly signup so that Otto has a basic understanding of your business before the meeting
— If your company is a good fit for Otto, another call will be set up to begin the onboarding process; Otto typically has new customers live (campaign defined and emails being sent) within a week.

Additional questions? Send an email to scott@blackdogventurepartners.com

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