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Venture Capital & Corporate Finance Consulting, Business Development, PR, Sales and Marketing

We believe a coordinated and managed fundraising, investor relations, business development, marketing, sales and publicity campaign is critical to take full advantage of all opportunities. The “intersection” is how we maximize ROI.

What We Do

We become your VENTURE CAPITAL, CORPORATE FINANCE ADVISOR. Our team will advise on all corporate finance, M&A and strategic partnerships to maximize valuation, investment and revenue opportunities. We have advised and participated in hundreds of transactions totaling billions of dollars.

We become your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT. We will develop New Partnerships with other strategic partners aimed at providing new means to sell your product or service and create new business opportunities. Our current contacts will be key early partners.

We become your SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY/DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. We will work with your staff to develop content and promotions aimed at significantly increasing fans and followers that convert to data files (leads) and ultimately clients. We develop and market social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) and manage your digital communications (email, blogs, etc.). In addition, we proactively market your company, products and services to bloggers and social media “influencers.”

We become your PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY. We will proactively seek to maximize your industry, local and national press coverage and leverage all opportunities for maximum media exposure. We write and distribute press releases and send story ideas to the media and follow up via phone to “pitch” media coverage and interviews for your company, its promotions, events and related activities. BDVP will work closely with your staff to maximize potential press opportunities.

Business Coaching Services

One-on-One Executive Coaching:

One on one executive level business coaching focusing on growing a business based on the clients definition of success. Weekly meetings focused on a customized and personalized business curriculum designed to achieve big wins early. This coaching can be conducted face to face or remotely.

Marketing Plan Development:

World class marketing requires a world class team. Coach Dan and the Grow Southwest team along with Scott Kelly and the Black Dog Promotions teams will provide customized world class traditional and digital marketing plans and implementation that are second to none in the world.

Behavioral, Social styles, Personality assessments:

Cracking the personality code of your customers, your partners or staff is the key to a achieving a new level of success. Each of us fits into one of four unique personality types. Assessments help you understand those types and how to deal with them, instantly improving communication.

  • Assessments (31 different varieties)
  • Training seminars
  • Professional world class personal debriefs

Sales Coaching:

World class coaching on all phases of selling, including:

  • Sales System Training: Basic
  • Sales System Training: Advanced
  • Prospecting
  • Teams
  • Compensation
  • Territory management
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Negotiation
  • Goals, time management, business clarity
  • Resellers

Group Coaching:

Half day customized business coaching workshops:

  • Clarity
  • Goals
  • Time Management
  • Foundational Business practices review
  • Surviving or Thriving in Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales basics

Full day customized business coaching workshops:

  • Clarity
  • Goals
  • Time Management
  • Foundational Business
  • Surviving or Thriving in Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales: Full Curriculum modules
  • Brian Tracy (SSI) Sales Success Intensive Sales Training program

Two-day customized business coaching workshops:

  • Clarity
  • Time Management
  • Surviving or Thriving in Business
  • Marketing
  • Navigational Coaching

Keynote Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Executive & Leadership Development

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