Small Business Funding from Velocity Capital Group

We are excited to announce that Black Dog Finance has partnered with Velocity Capital Group

At Velocity Capital Group, they aim to empower the business owners they work with by providing quick access to capital financing when they need it. Accessing capital at the right time has been crucial to their clients that are looking to expand, fix a business problem, or need capital to keep their business afloat as they wait for receivables. 

That’s why it’s essential to have a friend and resource in the financing space to help your business succeed.

Their leading business cash advance, also known as (merchant cash advance) has helped thousands of businesses receive funding, allowing them to deploy it against any problem or project. By incorporating modern software into our application process, we’re able to cut down the time it takes to receive funding to just minutes and hours. 

They strive to eliminate confusion in the process by being with you at every step to ensure you and your business are prepared and satisfied.

Need more information? Send an email to

Scott Kelly, CEO

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