”Scott Kelly recently hosted a magnificent event, Venture Capital Fast Pitch. I hugely enjoyed it, and I took detailed notes throughout. Creating and sustaining energy at an online conference is hard to do, and this was totally engaging from start to finish. The entrepreneurs selected to pitch were all top-quality, and there was an exciting diversity of ideas and personalities. The investors sharing their comments delivered a ton of valuable education in a very short time. Any entrepreneur looking to learn about raising capital should be sure to attend the next VC Fast Pitch conference.”

Jon Ward, Founder & CEO, Braincat
April 19, 2021

“Scott Kelly's VC fast pitch event is an excellent resource to learn from different entrepreneurs. The companies featured discuss how they've successfully capitalized on underserved markets while implementing diverse tactics to better distinguish their products from competitors. The event strikes a good balance of entrepreneur pitch followed by investor feedback. While I was unable to attend the entire event, I will be sure to tune in to future panels held by Scott Kelly and Black Dog Ventures.”

Nicolas Leininger, Business Development , WealthEngine
April 14, 2021

“VC Fast Pitch was a great event where I was able to review multiple great startups.”

Matthew Lopez, Angel Investor
April 14, 2021

”Scott is a community builder. His orientation is focused around driving value to others. I see him as a valuable partner in my work.”

Justin Renfro, Strategic Growth, Wefunder
April 12, 2021

“Scott held the VC Fast Pitch (virtually!) and had such a stellar group of panelists and participants. We'd love to participate in the future!”

Danielle A Vincent, CEO, Outlaw Soaps
April 10, 2021

“My company attended one of Scott's pitch events this week... it was a blast! The event was well organized and he worked with us regularly leading up to the event to make sure our presentation was professional and ready to pitch. We got a chance to hear some really good advice from the investor panel, who I was also very impressed with. Awesome event, especially considering this was his first online pitch event ever (they're usually in person). TLDR; Scott is friendly, knowledgeable, connected, and professional. If you're looking for funding or business advice and want to get connected with experienced investors and business leaders, I'd seriously consider reaching out to Scott to see how he can help.”

Dave Thompson, CEO, Changing Vegas
April 9, 2021

“I've known Scott for over a year now and I can confirm that he's extremely well connected as well as being a great facilitator! Not only is he very good at connecting people, but he has the network to connect to right people together. Looking forward to continuing working on many projects together.”

Frederic Sebag, Marketing Director, Estateably
April 9, 2021

“We loved having the virtual opportunity to pitch the Becket Film Fund to investors this year. hope to make it an annual event!”

Daniel Northway-Frank, Consultant, Becket Film Fund
April 9, 2021

“Scott is a great facilitator! He has a wonderful way of bringing people together.”

Mike Burkenbine, CEO, Becket Film Fund
April 9, 2021

“Wow! What an event! David Thompson, our CEO, and I really enjoyed participating in your first-ever virtual S.F. FastPitch event today. As a start up company in Las Vegas (focused on merging video games and casino games), we learned a lot. We appreciate your generosity in sharing your resources and knowledge, and look forward to interacting with the top-notch investor panel you brought together. We highly recommend this event to other passionate entrepreneurs looking for seed funding. Thanks again!”

Susan Beaver Thompson, CMO, Changing Vegas
April 9, 2021

“Scott Kelly is a dedicated individual with great knowledge about networking and startups. He is professional, organized, and is dedicated to help his student succeed. Scott is a great connection to have and wonderful person to work with.”

Lluvia Farias Alvarado, Business Management
February 11, 2021

”Today, our company, Glytch, put out a major press release and our team of co-founders were sitting around reflecting upon their success and wondering aloud how we all came to know one-another. Amazingly, ALL FIVE OF US MET AT SCOTT KELLY'S ESPORTS EVENT in Garden Grove. Amazing! The CTO of MLG, our investment banker, our Project Manager, our PR firm, ALL met at Scott's event!”

Michael Williams, Founder & CEO, Glytch Inc.
November 18, 2020

”I've known Scott Kelly for more than 10 years. He's an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He has a keen sense of how to help up and coming entrepreneurs and brings his years of experience to the table. As an instructor at Grand Canyon University, he invited me to speak to his "PR and Networking for Entrepreneurs" classes. It was obvious from the feedback from his students that Scott is a great instructor and trusted mentor. For entrepreneurs and community members looking for a guiding light, Scott Kelly is the best!”

Chuck Hester, Executive Trainer, Event Speaker
October 30, 2020

”As a Faculty member at GCC I was very concerned about how my classes would go being online. I decided to invite guest speakers to help liven up the discussions and one of the best choices I made was inviting Scott. Scott is a New Yorker, and therefore a public speaker at heart, and he exceeded my every expectation. Scott shared his personal experiences on how he got started and gave insight for those that want to be entrepreneurs. Scott is an uplifting speaker, providing motivation and confidence. My students left the class with a sense of new knowledge and belief in themselves to follow their dreams Thank you Scott for taking the time to share your insight with my students. I would be honored to have you back again in the future”

Brent K., Professor Of Business, Glendale Community College
September 25, 2020

”I know Scott from soliciting his help to judge a pitch competition at SF State and his continued involvement with helping SF Students in their entrepreneurship efforts with the VC Fast Pitch competition. Having someone with his background, experience, and expertise was inspirational for our students and critical to the judging task at the Pitch Competition. The students appreciated the tough questions and the constructively critical feedback Scott provided them. Scott's questions and comments made the pitch very real to them. Thank you Scott for staying involved and helping entrepreneurs at SF State.”

Minu Kumar, Professor Of Marketing, San Francisco State University
June 11, 2020

”Scott makes it a point to put together event offerings that are valuable for everyone in attendance. He pushes for great contributors and engagement, and the Black Dog calendar is something I keep my eye on. He was kind enough to allow our nonprofit to bring a group of industry interested students and educators to a recent event, and they knowledge they gained was incredibly valuable. Thank you Scott!”

Ian Roy, Founding Member, Savor Lining
May 7, 2020

”I recently had the pleasure to participate in Scott's Fast Pitch event, which was extremely well run, informative, and fun. The event attracted a great group of experienced investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as young founders, and presented many opportunities to network and to exchange ideas. I am really thankful to Scott for organizing the event for attracting such an awesome group of people to participate.”

Pavel Murnikov, VP of Engineering, Inkitt
March 5, 2020

”If there is anyone that can bring a community together, it's Scott Kelly and Black Dog Venture events! If you are a gaming or esports startup looking to connect with investors and founders in Southern CA, you need to be in the scene. Black Dog Ventures is the scene. Do it.”

Simon Ko, Adjunct Instructor, College for Creative Studies
March 5, 2020

”Scott organized a great event called — “Esports Fast Pitch.” P I participated as a moderator and as a panelist. It was well Organized and we had some great insightful discussions as well as some interesting fast pitches for esports/game companies - don’t miss his next event!”

Gayle Dickie, Founder & CEO, Gamer World News Entertainment, Inc.
March 3, 2020

“Outstanding panels. Great event. Learned a great deal about eSports and where it's heading. Look forward to the next one!”

Paul Roberts, Station Owner, OC Talk Radio
March 3, 2020

”Scott is the primary mind behind the VC Fast Pitch events. The recent Esports Fast Pitch was nothing short of excellent. A group of industry disrupters, video game veterans and investors came together to participate in a day of think tank meets business education meets investment pitch. Well designed for early-stage companies and the ecosystem supporting them, the sessions were insightful and the networking productive. Hats-off.”

Francois Modarresse, Chief Growth Officer, Gamer World News Entertainment, Inc.
March 2, 2020

”Scott is an incredible speaker and coordinator who connects entrepreneurs with some of the biggest investor in the esports industry. It was an absolute pleasure working with Scott, and I can not wait to work with him again.”

Douglas Pinsky, Law Clerk, Geragos & Geragos
March 1, 2020

”Scott's VC Fast Pitch event in San Francisco was one of the most valuable pitch events I attended in all of 2019. The event's size and structure guarantee meaningful conversations and connections, and the opportunity to ensure plans for next steps and follow up. I was able to connect with founders that fit our investment profile, and learned valuable takeaways from others who I could refer to investors in my network. Likewise, I made valuable connections with investors, with whom I now correspond regularly and share deal flow. Scott's infectious charisma rounds out the experience, bringing everyone together. I absolutely look forward to attending another of Scott's events soon.”

Cassandra Carothers, Investor, Upheaval Investments
January 28, 2020

”Scott’s events attract A talent, both entrepreneurs and investors. He runs a tight show, ensuring participants get valuable advice and feedback. I suspect no one leaves without feeling their time was well spent. The event upped my focus. I walked away inspired and with some very clear follow up in mind. I’d welcome the chance to sit on one of Scitt’s investor panels. If you have an opportunity to attend, take it. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jim Pickell, Angel Investor
January 28, 2020

”January Pitching Event was fantastic, You put together great events, you bring so much energy to the event and the crowd. And the feedback you provide to startups are very valuable to them and you make sure that all the investors provide great feedback to the startups.”

Anil Ramineni, CEO, CQ Infotech
January 28, 2020

”Your motto “less words-more content ” and the behavior directed only to assist the entrepreneur to tell and pitch his own business concept, seasoned with sharp, biting but wisely and teaching jokes it’s brilliant and more than enough for that entrepreneur who wants to learn from Fast Pich ”classes” you hosting to rethink his own business concept and as a result of which to improve it and yourself. I am very glad that I met such a rare person and I am ready to use his advices for preparing of my pitch to presentation in VC Fast Pitch Events.”

Kamo Mkrtchyan, Owner, Quill Bank
January 26, 2020

”So fortunate to be working with Scott Kelly and his incredible team at Black Dog Ventures. Our Castar App team truly enjoyed the experience at the their pitch event yesterday in Garden Grove CA and look forward to seeing what's next!”

Thomas Q. Jones, CEO, Castar Applications
January 25, 2020

”Most pitch events are oversubscribed, and as a result, their output values often get compromised. Scott’s VC Fast Pitch events are cut from a different cloth. His events are masterfully organized, bringing together the right people in an intimate context which provides space and time for the audience to draw deep connections. Whether you’re an investor looking to fund or startup founder seeking to raise funds – you need to meet Scott Kelly.”

Austin Burson, Regional Sales Consultant, TriNet
January 21, 2020

”Scott's Pitch Workshop is a masterclass in efficient pitching for both newbies and veterans. I left with my mind spinning with new ideas and approaches.”

Steve Ronaldson, Founder, Infamy Fantasy Esports
January 20, 2020

”Scott is well connected entertaining and a pleasure to be with. I like the caliber of startups / investors he attracts to his gatherings.”

Joe Ajo Fod, Founder, OpZoom
November 28, 2019

”I met Scott an a Fast Pitch event, and there was so much knowledge I got from him. It was fun, vibrant, and full of amazing ideas. Thank you for passing on the great knowledge to us :)”

Dissaya T., Founder, Shroomeats
November 26, 2019

”I have never seen anyone who can quickly copy someone's pitch and perfectly improve in a second! My jaw was literally dropping when I saw that for the first time. He is very energetic and gives so many priceless lessons and practical advices that I can immediately apply to my pitch. Anyone in fund raising journey would appreciate his advice. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!”

Koko Hayashi, Founder, Koko Face Yoga & Mirai Clinical

”I rarely come across someone in the VC world as enthusiastic and excited as Scott. I had the pleasure of attending the VC Fast Pitch event held by Black Dog Ventures, listening to entrepreneurs pitch for an investment. I was impressed with the quality of businesses participating, and the attendance from the top VC firms in the LA area. Scott kept it light, upbeat, and entertaining the whole event. I am excited about the opportunity to be invited again to any event hosted by Scott & Black Dog Ventures.”

Taylor Mangione, Restaurant & Hospitality Sales, Square
November 22, 2019

”Work with Scott if you're lucky enough to have the chance! I've been fortunate to have had extensive career development from some of the best companies and business coaches around, trust me when I say that Scott is one of the best. He not only can share valuable insight and industry nuances, but he's incredibly talented at doing pitches. Seriously, I watched him listen to over a dozen pitches one time and then deliver his own improved version seconds later. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to work with Scott to improve my pitch.”

Omar Vinas, Operations Manager, Elite Engineering Contractors
November 20, 2019

”This was my very first time attending a fast pitch event and it was so incredibly supportive. I had no idea what I was doing when I walked in and now I feel like I have a clear vision for what my next steps are. If you have the chance to be coached by Scott, TAKE IT!!!”

Scheherezade Daftary, Finance & Accounting Consultant
November 20, 2019

”There are a lot of pitch events out there, but Scott's VC Fast Pitch Conference has to be one of the best. He combines a great format with his extensive network and engaging hosting style which results in a brilliant event. A must for both entrepreneurs and potential investors.”

Andy Powell, Chief Business Officer, OAK’S LAB
November 18, 2019

”Attended the fast pitch event from Scott last week and it was great!. The first two rows in the event were packed with investors. It is an awesome event, with great start ups and investors. Thanks for the event and support Scott!”

Jorge X. Guzman, Senior Software Engineer, Human Interest
November 12, 2019

”I have attended a few pitch events and by far Scott's event was the best. It's great place to meet investors and other companies. He is punctual and manages the event really well. You know when to expect what. Also he has a great personality.”

Amin Mobasher, Co-Founder & CEO, Saint Health, Inc
November 11, 2019

“Scott Kelly did his usual amazing job putting together SF VC Fast Pitch. Yesterday is the third time I’ve attended this event as a panelist. The 25 startups he assembled to present included something for everyone from dating to e-sports to cyber security. I get invitations to more events than I could possibly attend, but Scott’s is at the top of my list.”

Marisa Alma McGinnis, Managing Director, Golden Seeds
November 9, 2019

“Scott is a ‘class act’ with a diverse background as both a past and present entrepreneur and as an investor. Scott’s regularly occurring “Fast Pitch” events are also great to attend not only for angel investors, family offices and VC’s interested in early-stage companies but for any individual looking to start a business or learn how to be investable. On a personal level, Scott is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor and fun about him too.”

Jon Warner, Mentor, Startup Board Adviser, Author, CEO, Educator and Angel Investor in Healthcare, Aging/Longevity and other sectors
September 4, 2019

“Scott is a dynamic entrepreneur/investor/Venture Capitalist MC. If you haven’t attended one of Scott’s VC Fast Pitch Events, it’s an outstanding event that any individual looking to start a business or raise capital should attend. Scott is very generous with his time and always willing to help the business communities.”

Benjamin Frank, Executive Vice President at Sunwest Bank
September 4, 2019

“Scott is a great connector of Investors and startups. His events are the place every startup should be if they want to be in front of quality investors.”

Brian Mac Mahon, Head Honcho at Expert DOJO
September 1, 2019

“Not only is Scott amazing at helping entrepreneurs formulate concise pitches that resonate with investors. He also cares enough to actually ensure he is setting you up to for overall success. He does everything in his power to ensure you are at your 100% best when you step in front of investors. The main reason I highly recommend the Black Dog venture partners pitch event is, it is not a pitch competition. It’s purely business, no show!”

Dewayne Ferrell, Entrepreneur
August 23, 2019

“If you are needing to fill out your advisory board or looking for funding, Scott is a great person to seek advice from. He has been successfully helping companies grow for many years. His company Black Dog Ventures hosts helpful networking events with venture capital firms and private equity players. I always gain a lot of insight at these and connections that have helped my business grow tremendously. I highly recommend Scott and Black Dog Venture events.”

Melissa McGinnis, CEO, Smart Angels Film Fund
June 24, 2019

“Scott and I have known each other for several years and he’s always been very successful at connecting entrepreneurs with investors. I also attend many of his Fast Pitch events in multiple cities – these events have rows of investors looking for deals. If you’re not talking to Scott you’re missing a good part of your available investor pool. ” David Blackledge Of Counsel at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner June 23, 2019 “I highly recommend Scott and his events. We went to our first VC Fast Pitch and have already connected with some great people with just the 1 minute pitch. Scott works with you, makes himself available, has incredible insights with great suggestions, and is genuinely interested in helping you.”

Jack Khayoyan, Ref Ratings
March 22, 2019

“Scott works tirelessly to bring together investors and entrepreneurs. Through his Fast Pitch event, we connected with a great vc who invested in our company.”

Richard Bronson, 70 Million Jobs
March 7, 2019

“Scott is awesome. It is a pleasure to work with him. He is very smart, connected, and respected. He brings a lot of ideas and experience to the conversation and is pro-active when it comes to projects. We love working with Scott!”

John Vitti, VersusGame
February 14, 2019

“Just attended Scott’s Orange County Investor event in Irvine, CA. What a great experience, not only was it valuable for the owners looking for financing but as a more casual observer, I was surprised how valuable it was for the education and networking. It was well worth the investment to attend and I am excited to use this information to prepare for my own funding efforts.”

July 18, 2018

“Scott Kelly is a well-connected, hard working fellow entrepreneur that any startup would appreciate having on its side. As one of the judges for his VC FastPitch conference I was very impressed with the event he put together. It featured the best collection of investors I’ve seen in Orange County, as well as dozens of interesting and well-qualified startups presenting. And Scott’s friendly hosting style put everybody in a good mood to share their expertise and knowledge. That takes serious organizational, people, and leadership skills and an awful lot of hustle, too. Thanks, Scott for working so hard to help startups.”

Scott Fox, Startup Advisor & Exec, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, Deal-maker, Angel Investor
July 15, 2018

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend your awesome OC Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference. The organization, venue and the quality and caliber of entrepreneurs and investors was terrific…everyone had ample opportunity to collaborate! Keep up the good work…the entrepreneurial community needs all the help it can get from professionals like you and the conferences you manage!”

Michael Grimshaw, Entrepreneur + Educator
July 13, 2018

“When it comes to finding investors in your arena, Scott knows his stuff very well. Scott is easy to work with and gives great suggestions without making you feel that you should already know. If you are seeking funding, reach out to him or attend one of his events. He is definitely one to keep close as your business grows. Thank you Scott for all the help and advice you have given me. You are an awesome team member.”

Rick Narpaul, Founder and CEO at Mach1 Services
May 9, 2018

”Scott is focused on delivering results. He helps startups get groomed and ready to present to investors. This was my first Black Dog event and I was impressed with how organized everything was. From the registration, communication, and attendees everything was seamless and geared toward helping people with similar goals connect. – Brian LaBlanc December 8, 2017, Brian was a client of Scott’s Scott is a nice, personable and seasoned executive who has made it his passion to work with entrepreneurs of all sizes and aid them in growing their businesses via numerous services he provides including his Fast Pitch expos hosted across the country. I recently reached out to Scott in a time of need and he delivered! Within a few hours he had us in motion and within days he was able to assist in securing us funding. I look forward to working with with Scott and Black Dog Ventures in the future and recommend entrepreneurs engage with him to learn about the options and services he can provide.”

Jack Gaffney, CEO, Co-Founder at Bad Kitty Inc.
October 19, 2017

”Scott is one on the most thoughtful and thorough professionals I’ve had the chance to collaborate with. Because of his knowledge and business intelligence we were able to take an idea from concept to execution in a extremely short amount of time. The outcome was the launch of a three-part series that focuses on preparing your company for investors. It’s the first time we’ve offered a clear, non-academic path and learning process for our students and alums. The first session was a phenomenal success and we expect a high turnout for the next two sessions. I would highly recommend working Scott.”

Orlando Harris, Director at San Francisco State University
September 28, 2017

“In 2016, we discovered Ron Babich- CEO of MobileLogix at Scott Kelly’s VC Fast Pitch Event. After a couple of weeks of understanding his space and his team we syndicated and closed a $2.2M round.”

David Paul, DWP Investments

“Scott is a catalyst of business development and a keen architect of beneficial partnerships. The man is impressive, and the DUUL team is incredibly happy to have him on board.”

Gabriel D. Kruse, Founder and CEO of DUUL
April 22, 2016

“I have enjoyed working with Scott tremendously. He is a kinetic leader. When he says he will do something, he does it. His heart and mind are all in the right place and he is a great person with which to do business”

Eric Dobson, CEO Angel Capital Group
February 11, 2016

“Scott Kelly and the entire team at BlackDog are simply amazing! This month with all the Super Bowl events going on in AZ, he was instrumental in bringing media to our Super Kid Honors event hosted by Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete benefiting Autism Speaks and HollyRod Foundation. Holly said it best when she referred to Scott as the man who knows this entire townl! I highly recommend Scott for any assistance you might need from brainstorming to promotion and social media. His work is thorough and professional. Thank you, Scott.”

Amy Hummell, Executive Director Autism Speaks of Arizona
January 31, 2015

“Scott Kelly and his team delivered fantastic results for the first Arizona Sports Fan Expo. Scott was easy to work with, readily accessible and offered great advice. He was personally attentive to every detail of the project and the objectives of my company. His team was very professional and fun to work with. Black Dog Promotions got things done quickly and their contacts were impressive. I will certainly be hiring Scott and Black Dog Promotions again and recommend them to any one looking to promote event and generate extraordinary publicity ”

Susan Ratliff, President Susan Ratliff Presents
July 11, 2014

“Scott is a dynamic professional who is extremely committed to exceeding each client’s expectations. Scott is also extremely selfless and active with supporting various local charities. There is not enough positive feedback that I can provide regarding Scott. If you and your business are seeking a creative and talented PR and marketing professional, I highly recommend that you contact Scott.”

Jason Bressler, Pro Athletes Chamber of Commerce
June 21, 2014

“Scott has that rare ability to mix vision with an actionable game plan. He is easy to work with and his team delivers on the promise! Do yourself a favor and hire Black Dog Promotions today!”

Ty Page, Program Director at Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America
March 25, 2013

“Scott has been instrumental with helping our Social media team not only drive numbers but also quality engagement. I enjoy working with Scott and his team as he delivers… Great job Scott.”

Lea Haben, CEO at SmartFem.com
April 11, 2013

“Scott visited my Public Relations class at Mesa Community College and did an outstanding job delivering real world knowledge and advise. My students are still talking about his views and expertise on the changing role of PR given the climate of Social Media. He has a wealth of experience to share and is able to connect well to a diverse student body.”

Kimberly Devery, Business Dept. Adjunct Faculty, Mesa Community College
October 6, 2012

“Scott is one of those rare individuals who actually does what he says he’s going to do! Our results, in both Social Media gains, and new client acquisition in the past 3 months has been very impressive as a result of Scott and his staff’s efforts. Scott sees the “big picture” but also understands the need to accomplish the everyday tasks necessary to reach all of our goals. I am happy to endorse Scott and Black Dog Promotions!”

Fred Mercaldo, Managing Partner Cities Planet
August 31, 2012

“Not only is Scott Kelly an expert in his field of marketing and social media management, but he has integrity and dedication to his clients. He has always come through for Raven Events with everything he committed to do regarding projects we have partnered on. I highly recommend him and his company, Black Dog Promotions if you want to propel your business forward and increase your revenue. Scott Kelly is the kind of business person you want on your side!”

Raven Valdes, Founder & CEO, Raven Events, LLC
June 14, 2012

“Scott has found an extremely effective way to generate buzz and press for products, events and services that really helped put my organization and myself (as an actor/performer/speaker) on the map. If you want great results from a company that knows what they are doing, can give you some highly creative ways to do what you’re doing and do it with integrity, I recommend Scott and Black Dog to do it.”

Tank Jones, Founder Choices Educational Empowerment
May 7, 2012

“Scott is an extremely energetic and creative business person. His knowledge runs deep in all the topics we’ve explored together. He has an amazing talent for quickly getting to the actionable items in a brainstormed list. He’s tactful in dismissing time wasting notions. Scott is a creative problem solver, who’s skills and acumen lead to great results.”

Bruce Tarbet, International Sportsmen’s Expositions
March 6, 2012

“Scott was a great asset us at SocialMediaAZ (SMAZ) running the PR team and getting us maximum visibility for our event. I’d recommend Scott and plan on working with him on future projects.”

Fred von Graf, Founder Social Media AZ
April 9, 2011

“The Kyrene Foundation has been lucky to connect with Scott Kelly. As a parent in our district he has lent his expertise to our Foundation and increased awareness of our projects and events tremendously. We are very thankful for all his time and contributions.”

Nancy Dudenhoefer, Community Relations Manager, Kyrene School District
April 7, 2011

“We have five consumer events in five states, have been in business since 1975 and each year work with more than 1000 companies in the outdoor-sports industry, bringing them nearly 150,000 qualified consumers for face-to-face sales opportunity. Getting the word out is essential. In addition to advertising, we increasingly fuse publicity and promotions with social media. This year we selected Scott Kelly of Black Dog Promotions to handle publicity for our Arizona event. Scott is the most responsive, connected, aggressive, hardest-working, informed and, it appears, successful publicity person I’ve ever worked with in more than a decade. However, it’s hugely inaccurate to limit him to PR. He’s a promotional force of nature—that’s a very, very good thing. Never in our Phoenix show’s history have we had so much pre-show PR or as much PR lined up for the show this early. I not only hope to work with Scott in Phoenix, but other markets next year. He’s that good, and a blast to work with, too.”

John Kirk, International Sportsmen’s Expositions
February 17, 2011

“Scott gets it done! We had our second interview with him December 22nd, 2010 and phoned him later that evening to inform him that we would be hiring Black Dog Promotions to manage our PR. The next day he called me to schedule a TV interview with Fox News. He has officially been on our clock for 19 days and has already landed us 3 Arizona TV spots. We have a fourth tomorrow and an interview with the AZ Republic a few days after that. He has about 3-4 other opportunities about to jump on. The great thing about all this PR is he followed the news, found a niche related to our industry that would drive interest, and he jumped on it. He is creating opportunity where most would struggle to think outside the box. In the short time I have known and worked with him, I am impressed and would be happy to speak with anyone considering Scott Kelly and Black Dog Promotions for PR services.”

Robert Page, VP of Operations and Co-Owner MedToGo International
January 19, 2011

“Scott delivers. If you are looking to get PR exposure for a client, social media marketing hits and foot traffic to boot, hire Scott. He has relationships with media and expertise that are some of the best I have ever come across. He was also a pleasure to work with!”

Rachel Van Nortwick, Director of Marketing and Events, Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson
June 28, 2010